The Book Fests Award

I would like to thank Jasmine @ howusefulitis for the tag! I highly recommend you check out her blog if you don’t follow her already!

PSA: This is one of many tags I’ve been meaning to do (I think I’ve gotten tagged in like eight that I have saved in my drafts – please know that if you tag me in something, I will do it, I just might take a while!) This one was pretty quick to finish, and fun too! My fifty words story is kind of morbid, but that’s just my writing style I guess!


  1. It’s always proper and the right thing to do, when you receive something from someone, you thank them. It’s the same with this award. You can link the blogger who presents the award blog in the post you use to fulfill the requirements of the award.
  2. Answer the award questions that will be listed below.
  3. Write a Fifty Words Story, because it’s fun.
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  5. Ask them a question of your making, you’ll like them to answer.
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1. A book you started but never finished…but want to finish. What stopped you from continuing to read it?

I often cite The Book Thief as my main DNF I didn’t actually mean to DNF, but there’s also Wuthering Heights and The Oydessey. As for Wuthering Heights, I got frustrated with the characters, though I really enjoyed reading it for the writing. The Odyssey was for a class on the Trojan War, and we’d spent like 3 months prior reading The Illiad, and I was just so done with Homer, so. I’m sure some of you can sympathize.

2. What elements attract you to a book, which makes you need to read it?

I’ve recently discovered that I really love character-driven books, and I also of course like a pretty cover, and I’m always up for a creative concept (some of my favourite books are fantasy + sci fi for a reason) and good, sometimes poetic writing.

3. Which books do you prefer, e-copy or hard copy?


I like physical books. I don’t read many e-books, though I’m not completely against the idea of them or anything. I just like holding a book in my hands, and for paperbacks only *dodges tomatoes* dog earring them, and highlighting in them, and bending the cover back when I’m reading them. *runs away from the gathering mob* But reading is reading either way you prefer to do it!

4. What book are you currently reading or going to read next?

I’m currently reading Sweetland by Michael Crummey (who I saw at a reading last year, and I’ve been meaning to read for a while!) and then I’ll be reading The Chronicles of Dan Lee O’Brien by David Jordan, a book I received from the author for an honest review! I’m excited to be reading both, and I’ll be posting reviews as soon as I’m done each of them.

5. Is it fair to judge a book by its film?

Absolutely not! The main difference between books and their film adaptations is that the film is only that: an adaptation, an interpretation. It’s the book the way it plays out visually in the mind of the director, definitionally not universal in any way. Don’t judge books by their films!!!

6. What book did you badly judge by its cover and ended up loving?


Well, not that there’s anything wrong with having an author’s photo on the cover of their memoir, I’m just not a big fan of it. So Half-Breed by Maria Campbell didn’t really catch my eye, but I’m glad I read it anyway! It was heavy and I cried a few times, but it’s a really good story about the Métis people and the racism they faced, and the lifestyles they were forced into. For anyone who can handle a more emotionally intense memoir I’d highly recommend it!

7. Which book character have you felt the most kin with and able to relate with?


Going through a bit of a rough time this past Fall, I really appreciated the presence of  Miriam Toews’ All My Puny Sorrows on my Canlit booklist. I actually went up to my prof after we’d finished with the book and told her how grateful I was she’d picked it, because that’s how much I connected with it! It was the kind of book that seemed to find me at the right time in my life.

Jasmine’s +1. How do you feel after you finish reading?

If I liked the book? Content, maybe a bit confused, and maybe a little wrecked that I then have to return to my own reality.

My fifty words story:

She dreamed, one day, that she’d stepped out of her skin. Her too tired, always dragging, never awake skin. And she was wrought with the time she now had, as a skinless being. Time spent clothing her body, fixing her face, feeding the body, resting it. And she just was.


Extra Question for the Nominees: 

Is your favourite genre of books the same as your favourite genre of movies?

I nominate:

If you’ve already done this tag/don’t want to partake, feel free to ignore this! Have a lovely Monday everyone!

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17 thoughts on “The Book Fests Award

  1. Your story is interesting.. I’m not quite sure if it’s a metaphor for something or a horror story with a skinless person. Nonetheless, it’s interesting 🙂 The Book Thief.. a DNF for you? I have seen many people reviewed it but I have hesitated to read.. as well as Wuthering Heights, one of the many classics that I have put off because the writing is harder to understand. Looks like you forgot to add your extra question for your nominees.

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    1. Knew I was forgetting something! I’ll update it asap 🙂 And I enjoyed The Book Thief, life just got in the way and I never ended up finishing it. And I agree, sometimes classics can be so daunting. Thanks for the tag!

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