Monthly Wrap Up: August

What’s this? August Wrap Up almost 10 days into September? Well, what can I say; August was a weird month for me. It was incredibly busy, and I honestly have no idea where the days went! So without further ado, let’s wrap it up.

Books I Read & Reviews:



Only reading three books in August means I’m not that much further on my reading challenge, but I am apparently “on track” so at least there’s that!



Friday 56 (week 4) (week 5) (week 6)



Mid-Year Book Freakout tag


The Shuffle Book tag


The Versatile Blogger Award


The Book Fests Award


The Blogger Recognition Award


My Bookish Girl Squad tag


The Book Courtship tag




Harry Potter (HBD & The Cursed Child)

franklin expeditionbanner_edited-1

The Franklin Expedition + Atwood’s “The Age of Lead”


Book Hangover Playlist: A Gathering of Shadows


On Youtubers Writing Books


Books Mentioned in Other Books (Intertext)

Phew, that’s a lot of tags!

Lit Elsewhere:

  • The 15 Best Places on the Internet for Book Lovers (x)
  • 20 Books by Women You Must Read This Fall (x)
  • John Oliver Drives Book Sales Like Oprah (x)
  • Are You Smarter Than A Globe and Mail Copy Editor? (x)
  • 7 Ways to Promote Positive Reading Habits for Older Children (x)


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September TBR:

So I only finished one book from my proposed August TBR, so this probably isn’t realistic, but I like making lists. I’ll be starting school next week, so I probably won’t have time to finish all of these, but this is what I want to read/have already started reading!

I’ll leave you with some September-y quotes, in case you’re not already anticipating the glory of the autumn months: 


-William Wordsworth

In his or her own way, everyone I saw before me looked happy. Whether they were really happy or just looked it, I couldn’t tell. But they did look happy on this pleasant early afternoon in Late September, and because of that I felt a kind of loneliness new to me, a if I were the only one here who was not truly part of the scene.

– Haruki Murakami




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I'm Emma Kath. Welcome to my blog! This is where I post my original book reviews, litstyle (lifestyle for the lit-nerd), and other bookish things. A little about me: I'm Canadian, and currently a student majoring in English lit and cultural studies. I'm an introvert (INFJ, if you believe in that sort of thing), sarcastic to the bone, I love art and history, and hope to one day travel around a bit. Until then, I'll be reading, writing, and trying to spread a little kindness around the internet. If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact me!

2 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up: August

  1. I love your wrap up so much!! It’s so nice and pretty and just super organize #itsybitsyjelly 😍 I’ve meant to read Marie Lu’s books for awhile now, but for some reasons I keep holding back. Since you just read it this past month, I might try to start it again. Cross my fingers and hope I like it 😂 Again, love the post! 💕


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