Some Bookish News (Summer 2016) -> Pokémon Go for Books / Poetry in the Park Signs / Italian Book Bonus / Free eBooks Timed to Your Commute

I didn’t have time to write a review today (insert infinite stream of excuses) so I thought instead I would highlight some literary headlines that’ve come to my attention in recent weeks. Some of these are pretty interesting!

Some U.S. National Park Signs Now Feature Poetry (x)

Moheb Soliman

Poet Moheb Soliman collaborated with the National Park Service to place the poems throughout five parks, printed on ‘standard-issue NPS brown signs’ as if they were official.

Moheb Soliman

It’s only once a passerby looks closer that they’ll notice the poems, which was what the artist intended:

“That’s the great thing art can do,” he says, “when it just sort of sits there and doesn’t beat you over the head with its art-ness.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d go visit just for the poems!

The Italian Government is Giving Teens €500…For Books? (x)


On September 15th, the Italian government is launching an initiative to give teens €500 on their 18th birthday to spend on books, concert and theatre tickets, and trips to museums and national parks. When I first read about this I was suddenly very upset that I am A. Not 18, and B. Not Italian. All of a sudden it all seems very unfair. To those of you who are both A. and B., I plead that you BUY ALL THE BOOKS…Or at least €500 worth.

They’re calling it a ‘culture bonus’ – meant to inspire an appreciation for the country’s community and history.

“It also reminds them how important cultural consumption is, both for enriching yourself as a person and strengthening the fabric of our society.”

Italian citizens turning 18 can claim their culture bonus through an app called “18app”.

New York Subway Offers Free E-Books, Perfectly Timed for Your Commute (x)


Subway Reads is a new feature on the New York subway system, wherein passengers can gain free access to short stories, novellas, or excerpts from books on their phones or tablets.

“The idea is for riders to download a short story or a chapter and read it on the train. Subway Reads will even let riders choose what to read based on how long they will be on the subway — a 10-page selection for a 10-minute ride, a 20-page selection for a 20-minute excursion, a 30-page selection for a 30-minute trip. Delays not included.”

This feature will only be available for a little while longer, though, as transit officials work to make wifi widespread in the 278 underground stations.

This almost makes me wish I had to commute so I could spend more time reading!

A Belgian Teacher Creates a Pokémon Go Style Game for Books (x)

An elementary school headmaster in Belgium has made a Pokémon Go-esque game, but instead of hunting the little monsters, the players are sent to search for books.

Instead of using a phone’s camera, like the Pokémon Go app does, the book hunt operates through a Facebook group called Chasseurs de livres (Book Hunters), with players posting hints about where they’ve hidden a book for others to find.

From the Chasseurs de Livres Facebook Page

“Once someone has finished reading a book, they “release” it back into the wild.”

It’s been so popular (40,000 people had signed up in the first few weeks!) that the Belgian teacher is now considering creating an app for it. Now that’s one I would definitely download!

And that’s all for now! I hope you find these as interesting as I do. My review for Sean Michael’s Us Conductors will be posted next Sunday!

P.S. I made a new header image for the top of my blog! *heart eyes* Let me know what you think!

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