Meeting Victoria Schwab

Warning: This post mainly consists of fangirling, stitched together with quotes and photos. If that’s not for you, THEN KEEP READING ANYWAY BECAUSE I MET ONE OF MY LITERARY IDOLS.

I went to the Indigo Teen Tour talk with Victoria Schwab and Melissa De La Cruz last night and I’m. Still. Reeling!!

First of all, I love this setting for author events. Having two ‘in conversation’ is just so much more ideal than having an author sit there by themselves and talk at an audience alone. This way, they’re able to bounce ideas off one another, and ask questions of their own as well!

Both authors were so eloquent. Victoria’s writing advice in particular was just so inspirational. She talked about how you should A. Write your ending first, so you have something to work toward on your good writing days, and something worth fighting for on your bad writing days + B. Write for yourself! Such good advice. I may have B covered, but NaNoWriMo, give me strength to figure out A sooner rather than later.

Also, this is my face beside (one of) my favourite author’s face. Woah.

Do they teach you how to look good in direct lighting?! I look gross (and too excited maybe) but Victoria looks like a regal Queen in her Kell coat 👑

When we were taking the photo, I had to crouch down and she was like, “You’re so tall,” and I was like, “Yeah I know.”


Melissa talked about how it was important to write for yourself as well because “you’re always your own first reader.” Which seems so obvious, and yet I found myself shivering at the revelation. Victoria went off that and kept repeating that as long as you write, “you’re in our tribe.” Like? My heart just exploded? How are you both this nice?

Victoria also said that basically all her female characters are Slytherins and all her male characters are Hufflepuffs and I just 😂 I couldn’t stop laughing! It’s so true.

She even drew a little Allegro from This Savage Song!


Basically this has gotten me so excited for NaNoWriMo! I am inspired and I shall go forth and write my novel. But first I should probably figure out my ending. Ah, well.

Victoria was promoting This Savage Song, and Melissa was promoting Something in Between.

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6 thoughts on “Meeting Victoria Schwab

  1. This is so awesome!!! I met Victoria at the beginning of the month, she was only doing signings. However, she’s so nice!!!! And super sweet. I love the advice that was given about writing seeing as I write, so I will definitely be taking that into consideration. I feel like I said this to you already but if not, good luck with NanoWrimo! You’re so pretty!!!

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