Monthly Wrap Up: October

Did everyone have a lovely Halloween?! I’m sure there were some classy literary costumes involved! AND IT’S NANOWRIMO! That snuck up on me…

Books I Read & Reviews:

I also almost finished reading A Torch Against the Night as well, but my library is being dumb and won’t grant me access to the ebook again! Ugh. Five books would’ve been great.



I completed my reading challenge two months ahead of time! *pats back* Hopefully I can keep the pace up with NaNo going on…



Burn, Rewrite, Reread tag


#SFATW: A Food Guide from Canada

I was a little sparse on the tags this month… *avoids eye contact* In my defence, it’s such a toss up whether you’re actually notified when you’re tagged in something! So I’ll be catching up on tags/awards next month.



Halloween Instagram Captions


Bookish Destinations: The Penguin Shop


Meeting Victoria Schwab

Lit Elsewhere:

  • “Friends don’t let friends become a Starbucks”: What I Learned After Illustrating 75 Bookstores from Around the World (x)
  • Leigh Bardugo, proving every aspiring writer’s parents wrong: ‘Six of Crows’ Writer Nabs Seven Figures for Next Two Books (x)

  • Vending Machines Give Out Free Short Stories at French Train Stations (x)

Participating in Nano? Let’s cry together!

Let’s be friends on Goodreads!

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November TBR:

I finished two of the books from my September TBR, and two others are now sitting on my shelves, so I’m on track! (kind of) I impulse read Fangirl, which I loved, and got me in the right mood to be writing for NaNo! I also definitely also want to finish A Torch Against the Night, if my library ever sorts itself out. *sigh* So I’m not going to set a big TBR goal for this month, because I know I’ll likely be spending more time writing than reading.

I also updated my Fall Bookish Bingo (only one more month to finish it!)


The addition of Fangirl covered the ‘college’ square perfectly.

It’s not quite as cold here as it clearly was at Hogwarts:


Oh, Emily Dickinson. Me, too.


ALSO, if you haven’t already, please vote in my poll for the giveaway I’m hosting! It’s all tied up right now, and I’m not really sure what to I’ll do if it ends like that next week! (click the image or here to be taken to the post!)


Happy November all!

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