Fave Character Aesthetics 2016

Happy (belated) New Year! I’m officially coming out of my unofficial hiatus to tell you all about my favourite book characters of 2016!

I was inspired by @mizgillianberry on Twitter to make aesthetic edits for each character (because I can never pass up an opportunity to make graphics!), which is why this is a few days late! They take a lot longer to make than I realized, but I’m very happy with the way they all turned out!

To avoid any nastiness with copyright, I’ve made a board on Pinterest with all of the image sources. Clicky click here to view that!

Also, I wrote most of the bullet points in the middle of the night, so it got kind of fangirly.


You’ve been warned.

~~~ Lila Bard ~~~

A Gathering of Shadows // February 23rd 2016


  • *insert that YAAAAAAAAS QUEEN* gif 
  • distrustful girl who is also smol and I love her, okay?
  • ambitious and driven af
  • just wants to be a magical pirate ✨
  • eternally rolling her eyes
  • the first two chapters of this book were the best thing to happen this year tbh

~~~ Julian Blackthorn ~~~

Lady Midnight // March 8th 2016


  • a lying lier who lies
  • sad painter πŸŽ¨
  • family man 
  • cinnamon bun or sinnamon bun ???  who knows anymore 
  • too much responsibility
  • too trusting
  • I just want to protect him from Cassie’s dramatic nonsense

~~~ Ronan Lynch ~~~

The Raven King // April 26th 2016


  • emo farmer
  • character development βœ”️
  • the Sarcastic Assholeβ„’ friend
  • secretly fragile inside
  • just give this boy a hug
  • his friendship with Blue gives me life 
  • PYNCH 

~~~ Helene Aquilla ~~~

A Torch Against the Night // August 30th 2016


  • this poor girl 😿
  • epitome of those ‘i miss u’ text posts on tumblr
  • bad luck duck
  • v. composed all the time
  • authentically strong + scared
  • puts man babies in their place
  • I can’t wait for more of her POV chapters

~~~ Inej Ghafa ~~~

Crooked Kingdom // September 27th 2016


  • takes a bad situation and sees the good
  • is basically a ninja ghost 
  • will stab you πŸ”ͺ
  • respects everyone’s differences + sees them all complexly
  • backstory has low-key Night Circus vibes
  • balances strong morality + need to survive
  • I love her so much 
  • the glue of the squad

~~~ Kaz Brekker ~~~

Crooked Kingdom // September 27th 2016


  • likes his personal space
  • controversial cutie πŸ–€
  • disabled rep, THANK YOU
  • picked the lock on my heart 
  • doesn’t care what you think
  • master heist schemer
  • is secretly a huge mess 

~~~ Jason Kerwin ~~~

Aerie // October 4th 2016


  • soft anxiety-ridden boy
  • so relatable πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
  • adolescent inventor
  • has a healthy relationship with his mums 
  • beeps morse code with his car horn
  • resourceful af
  • would literally go to the end of the world for his loved ones
  • I [[[[      ]]]] him
    • This is purely speculation (because I haven’t, you know, read the sequel yet) but I sincerely loved Jason in Magonia, and I couldn’t not put him on this list. As long as he stays at least partially similar to the character he was in the first book, I’m sure his place here is safe.

And those are my problematic faves of 2016! I’m pretty satisfied with how the aesthetic edits turned out, let me know if you’ve ever made one before or think I did an okay job! Did you fall in love with any of these characters as well? Let me know! As always, happy Tuesday!

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