Rating System


I loved it! This book will always have a special place in my heart, and I’ll likely look back on it with a fond and nostalgic smile on my face. The characters were complex, the plot kept me on the edge of my seat, and I would gladly tattoo quotes from this book on my body. Five stars means I can literally feel how much heart the author put into this book, and anything they write in the future will be an automatic-read for me. It deserves a spot of revere on your bookshelves. I also probably cried at some point, in case you were wondering.


I really liked this book! It captured my attention and held it with the execution of its characters, story, and quality of writing. It was a real page-turner, and the world-building was incredibly imaginative. There were one or two things that kept me from giving it five stars, but I still really enjoyed it, and would recommend it to a friend!


This book was just okay. The story was probably a tad too unoriginal for my taste, but one of either the characters, plot, writing, or mood of this book really redeemed the rest for me. I likely wouldn’t recommend anyone spending money on it, but a loan from your library wouldn’t hurt.


I really didn’t enjoy this book. Its writing was too clumsy, the story too cliché, and the characters were too static. I ultimately felt that reading this book was a waste of my time.

I hated this book. In all likelihood, I did not finish it. (If I don’t finish a book, I’m unlikely to review it, so a one star rating is quite rare).