#SFATW: A Canadian Bookish Guide

It’s the second last #SFATW post! Shout out to Marie for creating and hosting this brilliant feature, which I’ve enjoyed doing so much; especially this one! NOW ONTO THE BOOKS!

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On Youtubers Writing Books

I don’t watch Youtube nearly as much as some people I know (read: my brother) but I have been following a few youtubers for a while. One of them, Will Darbyshire, recently announced the release of a book he’s written/curated called This Modern Love, and it made me start to wonder. I know this is a topic of […]

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Moving a Library: Tips for Packing Books

I like to think this is a topic I have some authority on. I’ve moved four times in the last three years: the curse of a student, in my opinion. From res to my first apartment to my second apartment to my parents house, and now, my parents are moving, and thus I am moving. Again. *sigh*

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